Hydraulic Oil Case Skid Steer Warning Lights

Case is one of the leading brands in providing high-quality and reliable construction equipment. Their range also includes a variety of landscaping vehicles, such as their skid steers. Case skid steers are lightweight and maneuverable vehicles perfect for digging up ground with its arms connected to attachments for various landscaping tasks. The dashboard features multiple indicators that provide users with necessary information about the vehicle's status at all times.


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Most Common Case Skid Steer Warning Symbols

Hydraulic Oil Case Skid Steer Warning Lights

hydraulic oil case skid steer warning lights 1
hydraulic oil case skid steer warning lights

Heeding the warning of a flashing hydraulic light is important because it could indicate an issue with the skid steer’s hydraulic system. In order to ensure optimal performance and safety, two steps should be taken if this symbol appears on your dashboard.

Firstly, check the hydraulic filter for any clogs or damage; replacing it if necessary. Secondly, inspect the temperature of the fluid as prolonged use can cause overheating which results in this indicator turning on. It is best to switch off the vehicle and allow time for cooling but changing out old fluid may be more beneficial in resolving this issue.

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Power Issues

case skid steer power issues
case skid steer power issues

When the power light on a Case skid steer begins flashing, it indicates there is an issue with its battery. To provide the necessary power to its electronic components, the skid steer comes equipped with a battery which needs to be replaced regularly - usually around every three years. If this routine maintenance has been neglected for some time, replacing the battery may resolve the warning lights.

Before making that decision however, one should use a multimeter to check if the voltage of the existing battery is less than 12.5V. If so then replacement is necessary; but if not then wires in and around the wiring cluster likely need attention as they are prone to degrade over time due to repeated usage and wear and tear. Replacing these could be costly and take considerable effort so it's essential that one consults with a professional electrician before doing any work on their own skid steer’s wiring system.

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Advanced Control System (ACS)

case skid steer advanced control system acs
case skid steer advanced control system (acs)

The control system of the skid steer provides vital data regarding the heading and altitude of its control surfaces. This helps keep the skid steer level, adjusted to its correct heading and at a safe altitude. In addition, this system also monitors speed, alerting operators when necessary with a warning light known as ACS on the dashboard. If there is an issue detected in the control system, this ACS warning light will activate, accompanied by three-alarm beeps which indicate that attention should be paid to the problem. Unfortunately due to complexity of this type of equipment it can be difficult for users to identify what is causing these alarms without professional assistance. Therefore we recommend seeking out an authorized Case equipment dealer who has expertise in identifying root causes and providing solutions for such issues.

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Attachment Control Device (ACD)

case skid steer attachment control device acd
case skid steer attachment control device (acd)

The Attachment Control Device (ACD) is an advanced control system that utilizes the initials as a warning light icon to indicate when the electrically controlled attachment is connected to the skid steer. If this light starts flashing or three audible beeps are heard, it indicates there may be an issue with the attachments.

The ACD helps control external attachments connected to the vehicle, and in most cases will flash if not properly installed. To remedy this issue, turn off your engine and make sure all bolts and nuts around the attachment are tight before reconnecting. Doing so should ensure that no further warning flashes will occur.

General Warning

case skid steer general warning
case skid steer general warning

The general warning symbol on the dashboard is a red light with an exclamation point designed within a square-shaped box and has a yellow background. This symbol indicates that there may be something wrong with the hydraulic system or engine of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to get these two components checked by professionals in order to identify and fix any existing leaks or damages.

Furthermore, if there are no issues identified within the hydraulic system, then likely it could mean that you are using the skid steer at too high of a speed. In this case, not only will the general warning light flash but also make constant beeping sound until you reduce your speed accordingly. Consequently, upon slowing down your vehicle’s engine, this should resolve itself as well as turn off its indicator light.

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Fuel Level

case skid steer fuel level warning
case skid steer fuel level warning

The fuel level is one of the most important symbols on a dashboard and can be easily identified by its picture of the hose and fuel pump. When this symbol comes on and makes three beeps, it usually indicates that the level is low and needs to be refilled.

However, if the tank has already been filled but the light keeps blinking, there could possibly be an issue with the surrounding sensor system. This system is quite sensitive so in order for proper repair to take place, a certified mechanic should inspect it thoroughly. In many cases this may require replacing certain sensors in order to get back up and running again safely.

Glow Plugs

case skid steer glow plugs
case skid steer glow plugs

The glow plug symbol on a vehicle's dashboard is an unmistakable yellow light that looks like a miniature light bulb. It remains on constantly when the vehicle is in use and its glow plugs are functioning properly. However, if the warning light begins to flash, it indicates that something may be wrong with one or more of the glow plugs.

A glow plug works by heating up the air and fuel entering an engine in order to optimize combustion - this process helps ensure that your car runs smoothly and skid steer moves as intended. Over time, however, exposure to high temperatures can cause damage to a glow plug so if you see your warning light flashing then it might be time for a replacement. Replacing a faulty glow plug will help turn off the warning lights while also providing improved performance from your engine.

System Voltage

case skid steer system voltage
case skid steer system voltage

A system voltage warning light is a battery-related indicator that typically appears when the voltage of a skid steer's battery is either too high or too low. When this occurs, it can be caused by a damaged alternator, which fails to charge the battery adequately. Alternatively, overcharging may also cause this light to turn on. In any case, it is best practice to contact an experienced mechanic who can inspect the issue and potentially add a stabilizer to optimize the power output of the battery.

Overall, taking prompt action in response to a system voltage warning light appearing helps prevent further damage from occurring while also ensuring optimal performance of your skid steer's electrical components.

Engine Oil Pressure

case skid steer engine oil pressure
case skid steer engine oil pressure

The skid steer’s dashboard will have a warning light that is designed in the shape of a bulb with a fluid drop symbol. This light will beep and flash when there is something wrong with the pressure sensor, or when it's out of range. In such circumstances, replacing the sensor is necessary to ensure optimal performance.

In addition to this, checking engine oil level should also be done as low levels can cause the warning lights to run on. The only way to solve this issue is by getting the engine oil reservoir filled up with new engine oil as dirty engine oil can damage an engine significantly.

Hydrostatic Charge Pressure

case skid steer hydrostatic charge pressure
case skid steer hydrostatic charge pressure

This indicator light has a red color and when it stays on constantly, it indicates that the hydraulic oil pressure sensor is not in range. If this persists for more than two years, there is a high probability of the sensor getting damaged or burn down due to overuse. Therefore, it is important to get the sensor checked and replaced if necessary. Additionally, another potential cause could be low hydraulic fluid levels so make sure to fill them up to an optimal level for proper functioning.

Final Thoughts

Skid steers have various warning symbols associated with them, and operators should be aware of the most common ones. It is important to keep an eye on the dashboard for these symbols in order to ensure any potential issues are fixed promptly and effectively. This will help prevent serious problems from arising that could potentially cause costly damage or downtime.

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  1. I have been using Case skid steers for a while now and I can say that they definitely are reliable and powerful machines. Recently I ran into an issue with the hydraulic system and the dashboard's warning lights were flashing. After reading this article, I was able to identify the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it. I checked the hydraulic filter, as the article suggested, and found that it was clogged and needed to be replaced. After that, the problem was solved and the warning lights were gone.

    I think it's important to stay on top of regular maintenance in order to ensure the longevity of your skid steer. I would also recommend keeping an eye on the fuel levels, as running low can also cause warning lights to appear. If anyone else has experienced any of the problems mentioned in this article, I'd love to hear your solutions!


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