Kubota Svl65-2 Problems

Kubota SVL65-2 is a powerful and versatile compact track loader that has proven to be reliable in many different applications. However, like any other heavy machinery, it may experience some common Kubota SVL65-2 problems from time to time. It is essential for owners and operators of the Kubota SVL65-2 to stay informed about these potential problems in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability from the machine.

This article will provide information on some common Kubota SVL65-2 problems as well as their solutions. Being aware of trouble signs and taking proactive steps can help prevent costly repairs or downtime due to mechanical failure. Owners should also regularly inspect their machine for wear and tear and take corrective action if necessary. By following this simple advice, they can guarantee optimal operation of their Kubota SVL65-2 track loader over its lifetime.


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Problem Cause Solution
Overheating Clogged air filter, low coolant level, faulty water pump, malfunctioning thermostat Clean or replace air filter, check and refill coolant level, replace faulty water pump or thermostat
Hydraulic leaks Damaged hoses or seals, loose connections, worn-out components Inspect and replace damaged hoses or seals, tighten loose connections, replace worn-out components
Electrical issues Dead battery, faulty alternator, damaged wiring, malfunctioning switches Replace dead battery or faulty alternator, repair or replace damaged wiring, replace malfunctioning switches
Poor performance Dirty or clogged fuel filter, low fuel pressure, worn-out engine components Clean or replace fuel filter, check and adjust fuel pressure, inspect and replace worn-out engine components
Track problems Worn-out tracks, damaged rollers or sprockets, misaligned tracks Inspect and replace worn-out tracks, damaged rollers or sprockets, realign tracks

Common Kubota SVL65-2 Problems and Their Solutions

common kubota svl65 2 problems and their solutions
common kubota svl65-2 problems and their solutions


kubota svl65 2 overheating
kubota svl65-2 overheating

Kubota SVL65-2 owners should be aware that overheating is one of the most common problems associated with this model. The sources of the issue may include a clogged air filter, low coolant levels, faulty water pump or malfunctioning thermostat. To avoid these issues and prevent overheating, Kubota suggests cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly, checking and refilling coolant levels as needed and replacing any faulty pumps or thermostats.

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Hydraulic Leaks

kubota svl65 2 hydraulic leaks
kubota svl65-2 hydraulic leaks

Hydraulic leaks are a common issue for Kubota SVL65-2 owners. Such leaks can be caused by damaged hoses or seals, loose connections, or worn-out components. To address these issues and restore functionality to the system, it is imperative that any damaged hoses or seals are replaced, loose connections tightened, and worn out components replaced. Doing so will ensure the integrity of your hydraulic system and help avoid costly repairs in the future.

Electrical Problem

kubota svl65 2 electrical problem
kubota svl65-2 electrical problem

Kubota SVL65-2 may face electrical issues such as a dead battery, faulty alternator, damaged wiring or malfunctioning switches. To ensure proper functioning of this machinery it is recommended to replace any dead batteries or faulty alternators, repair and/or replace any damaged wiring and replace any malfunctioning switches. Taking these steps can help avert potential serious electrical problems in the future.

Poor performance

Kubota SVL65-2 owners should be aware that if their machine is not performing at its usual standards, there could be several potential causes. These include a dirty or clogged fuel filter, low fuel pressure, and worn-out engine components. To resolve any poor performance issues, it is advised to clean or replace the fuel filter, check and adjust the fuel pressure accordingly, inspect for any worn-out engine components and replace them as necessary.

Track Problems

Kubota SVL65-2 operators should be mindful of track problems, as wear and tear can occur over time or due to damage from rocks or other debris. Potential issues include worn-out tracks, damaged rollers or sprockets, and misaligned tracks that cause uneven wear. To address such problems, it is important to inspect the parts for any signs of damage and replace them if necessary. Additionally, realigning the tracks may also help reduce further deterioration.

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Keys to Long-Term Kubota SVL65-2 Performance
  1. Regular maintenance and inspection of Kubota SVL65-2 can help to avoid common issues such as overheating, hydraulic leaks, electrical issues, poor performance and track problems.
  2. Thorough use and operation of the machine is important for preventing unnecessary wear on its tracks or other components.
  3. Addressing any potential problems quickly will help to avert further damage or expensive repairs in the long run.
  4. Taking proper care of Kubota SVL65-2 through regular maintenance and inspections can spare users from dealing with major issues down the line.

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Keep Your Kubota SVL65-2 Running Smoothly

The Kubota SVL65-2 is a powerful and reliable machine, capable of handling tasks in different environments. However, it may face problems that can diminish its performance or reduce its longevity. With the knowledge provided by this article on common Kubota SVL65-2 problems and solutions, owners will be able to easily maintain their machines and avoid costly repairs. Regular maintenance, inspection, and proper operation are essential for keeping the Kubota SVL65-2 running at peak condition.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I own a Kubota SVL65-2 and have experienced some of the common problems such as hydraulic leaks and poor performance. I have found that regularly inspecting your machine and replacing any worn-out components is essential for avoiding costly repairs or downtime. I have also found that using high-quality fuel and oil can help to prevent clogged filters and low fuel pressure.

    I am sure other Kubota SVL65-2 owners have experienced similar issues and I would like to hear about their solutions and experiences. What have you done to prevent or address common problems such as overheating and electrical issues? Do you have any tips for prolonging the life of the machine?


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