John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor Value

John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor Value approximately $3000-$4000. Pricing varies between new tractors and used tractors. If you want to buy a used John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor, it is possible to find a vehicle around $ 2500. We recommend that you do market research before buying a John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor. In this way, you can find the right vehicle that will meet your needs at an affordable price.

If you are thinking of buying a new John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor, it is important to do research on features after price research. We present all the features about the John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor for you in list form. If you wish, you can reach all the details you need to know about this vehicle by reading the rest of our article.


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John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor Specs

john deere 160 lawn tractor specs
john deere 160 lawn tractor specs

John Dere S160 Lawn Tractor Engine Specs

The 24-hp (17.9-kW) V-twin extended-life series (ELS) engine in this powerful and smooth running tractor provides plenty of power and torque to manage tough mowing, mulching and bagging tasks. The ELS engine offers a range of features for enhanced performance and longer life including:

  • V-twin cylinder design for greater torque, lower vibration, improved sound quality
  • Electronic ignition for fast starts
  • Spring return feature to ensure operator will not mistakenly leave throttle lever in choke position
  • Cast iron cylinder liners for longer engine life
  • Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
  • Full pressure lubrication with oil filter for cleaner oil prolonging engine life

This high powered V twin is more effective when operating on an incline.

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Fuel Tank

john deere 160 fuel tank
john deere 160 fuel tank

The fuel filler opening of this model is located conveniently under the seat, with a capacity of 2.4 U.S. gal (9.1 L). Filling the tank without spilling is easy thanks to its thoughtful design, and a tethered fuel tank cap makes it even more convenient for refueling quickly and easily. The sealed fuel cap also helps keep vapors inside the tank.

Benefits of Fuel Filler Opening:

  • Easily accessible location underneath the seat
  • Capacity of 2.4 U.S Gal (9.1 L)
  • Easy filling without spills
  • Tethered fuel tank cap for convenience
  • Sealed fuel cap keeps vapors inside

John Deere Oil Change System

john deere oil change system
john deere oil change system

John Deere has revolutionized the oil-change process with its Easy Change 30-second system. The new filter removes contaminants and replaces about 0.8 qt (0.76 L) of engine oil, eliminating the need to drain the engine entirely. In addition to ease of use, this system offers several advantages over traditional oil filters for 100 Series Lawn Tractors:

  • Synthetic filter material provides more reliable filtering and longer life
  • Increased surface area and flow capacity provide better filtering capabilities
  • 40 percent more oil volume helps keep engines cooler
  • Oil filter valve closes when engine stops, trapping particles in the reservoir
  • Reduces waste oil disposal by 1 million lbs (453,592 kgs) per year

The John Deere Easy Change system is an efficient no-mess solution that makes it easy even for people who don't usually change their own engine's oil. Installation instructions are included in the service part box and Operator’s Manual; please recycle used parts at local government recycling programs or auto store locations.

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Long-Lasting and Reliable Full-Featured Engine

john deere long lasting and reliable full featured engine
john deere long-lasting and reliable full-featured engine

This full-featured engine is designed and engineered to deliver world-class endurance and power. It outperforms the competition by being more dependable, longer lasting, saving time and money over the long run. Advanced features and innovative designs have been incorporated in order to exceed even the most demanding needs.

Some of these exceptional features include:

  • Overhead valve (OHV) design for cooler operation and longer valve life
  • An advanced debris management system that directs cooling air through the rotating screen to pre-filter large debris
  • A large dual-sealed premium filter that keeps unfiltered air out of the engine
  • A full lubrication system that ensures maximum protection for extended engine life
  • Wear resistant chrome plated valves stems with smoother surfaces for longer life
  • Cast iron cylinder liners for added wear resistance • Float feed type carburetor with integral fuel pump • High capacity fuel filter • John Deere Easy Change 30 second oil change system • Maintenance free electronic ignition • Platinum spark plugs for extended life

Frame made of full-length welded steel

john deere frame made of full length welded steel
john deere frame made of full-length welded steel

This one-piece frame is designed with durability and longevity in mind. It's constructed of 12-gauge, 0.105-in (2.66 mm) steel for superior strength and sturdiness. The full-length, robotically welded frame design offers maximum protection with high-strength steel rails for added reliability and long life performance. Additionally, the one-piece steel fender deck is securely bolted to the frame for added stability and robustness.

Benefits of the Solid One Piece Frame:

  • Constructed from 12 gauge, 0.105 in (2.66 mm) steel
  • Full length robotically welded frame design provides added strength
  • High strength steel rails ensure long lasting performance
  • Sturdy one piece steel fender deck is bolted to the frame

Cast-Iron Front Axle

john deere cast iron front
john deere cast-iron front axle

The front axle of a vehicle is constructed from solid cast iron that won't easily bend and provides extra strength for a smooth ride. Its automotive-like steering system features sector and pinion gears as well as a single drag link with tie rod to make turning effortless. For maintenance, there are three grease fittings located on both the spindles and center pivot which ensure easy steering and reduce wear over time. Finally, its large 0.75-in (1.9 cm) diameter wheel spindles provide excellent durability during use.

Benefits of Front Axle & Wheel Spindle:

  1. Solid cast iron construction prevents bending or breaking
  2. Automotive-like steering system allows for effortless turning
  3. Three grease fittings enable regular lubrication to minimize wear
  4. Large diameter wheel spindles offer superior durability


john deere cargo mount system
john deere cargo mount system

The CargO Mount system is an efficient and convenient way to mount accessories like a sun canopy or rear bagger. It consists of front-mounting points at the top of the dashboard, as well as rear-mounting points on the frame. This allows for easy and secure installation of various attachments in no time at all. The CargO Mount system ensures that users can enjoy their outdoor activities with peace of mind knowing that their equipment is safely mounted.

Snow Removal

john deere snow removal
john deere snow removal

Lawn tractors offer many advantages, one of which is the ability to use equipment for snow removal. John Deere offers a variety of attachments that make quick work of moving snow whenever needed. These include a 44-in (112-cm) Snow Blower, 46-in (117-cm) Front Blade and Tire Chains or TerraGrip traction belts. To maximize performance in any weather conditions, a Weather Enclosure and Weights can be added as well. With these features, lawn tractor owners are prepared to tackle even the heaviest winter storms with confidence.

The John Deere 160 Lawn Tractor is an excellent value for a mid-sized lawn tractor. It offers features such as a powerful engine, reliable transmission, and impressive maneuverability, all of which make it an ideal choice for small to medium sized properties. The John Deere 160 has proven itself to be dependable and versatile over time, making it a great investment for anyone looking for an easy way to manage their land. With its strong build quality and durable components, the John Deere 160 is sure to last many years with proper use and maintenance.

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  1. I recently had to purchase a new lawn tractor myself and after doing my research, I decided to go with the John Deere 160. I've been really pleased with the results and I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable option.


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